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A lot of changes have occurred to this site over the last month. Due to the enormous amount of files I have uploaded recently I have streamlined the front page by putting all the audio files in the second folder and all the written materials, basically the former site, in the third folder.

All the written materials (ten 3.4GB files) can be downloaded HERE (You will need 70GB of space - 35Gb to download & 35GB to unpack them). Files larger than 450-500MB are still not downloading properly via these pages and 'time out'. Please contact me if you need to download a file larger than this which is not in the folder above.

There are now about 165Gb of materials here (which includes the foreign files and the large zip files). I am offering external USB flash drives with all the material pre-loaded. The cost will be $100, though a fair exchange is $200 which covers my time, which includes a 128GB or 256GB USB flash drive (depending if you want the foreign files too).

A total of $770 is needed to migrate this site over to Iceland with three years of unlimited hosting. UPDATE:- The Icelandic hosting company that I had found took exception to the amount of Scn files I was uploading onto their servers so I have been forced to cancel their hosting and am back to square one for the time being, though the Scn files are still accessible as you can see. This will be resolved shortly.

Please chip in whatever you can by sending directly to as a friend or click the button above. Thanks to everyone in advance. ($37.94 of $770 achieved after paypal fees - Remember, every tiny bit helps!) "Freedom requires constant vigilance" as LRH once said.

***Please make sure you scroll up if you navigate to a folder and see a blank page.

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KEY: sc=physically scanned by me, HQ=High Quality