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Transcripts/Transcripts/ - Jul 24 2017 05:45:49 PM
590406 SHPAC-01  Beingness And Communication.mp3590406 SHPAC-01 Beingness And Communication.mp3 51016KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:34 PM
590407 SHPAC-02  Universes.mp3590407 SHPAC-02 Universes.mp3 48452KB Jul 08 2017 03:43:41 PM
590407 SHPAC-03  The Dynamics.mp3590407 SHPAC-03 The Dynamics.mp3 53373KB Jul 08 2017 03:43:26 PM
590408 SHPAC-04  Scales.mp3590408 SHPAC-04 Scales.mp3 52201KB Jul 08 2017 03:43:32 PM
590408 SHPAC-05  States Of Being.mp3590408 SHPAC-05 States Of Being.mp3 54755KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:59 PM
590409 SHPAC-06  Anatomy.mp3590409 SHPAC-06 Anatomy.mp3 50699KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:31 PM
590409 SHPAC-07  What Can Be Done With The Mind - Reality Scale.mp3590409 SHPAC-07 What Can Be Done With The Mind - Reality Scale.mp3 53434KB Jul 08 2017 03:39:45 PM
590414 SHPAC-08  Mechanisms Of The Mind.mp3590414 SHPAC-08 Mechanisms Of The Mind.mp3 52976KB Jul 08 2017 03:43:22 PM
590414 SHPAC-09  Overt Act-Motivator Sequence.mp3590414 SHPAC-09 Overt Act-Motivator Sequence.mp3 57846KB Jul 08 2017 03:44:23 PM
590415 SHPAC-10  Codes.mp3590415 SHPAC-10 Codes.mp3 54339KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:14 PM
590415 SHPAC-11  The Code Of A Scientologist.mp3590415 SHPAC-11 The Code Of A Scientologist.mp3 55036KB Jul 08 2017 03:46:15 PM
590416 SHPAC-12  The Logics And Axioms Of Dianetics And Scientology.mp3590416 SHPAC-12 The Logics And Axioms Of Dianetics And Scientology.mp3 52224KB Jul 08 2017 03:43:35 PM
590416 SHPAC-13  Axioms - Second Lecture.mp3590416 SHPAC-13 Axioms - Second Lecture.mp3 59068KB Jul 08 2017 03:42:40 PM
590421 SHPAC-14  Types Of Auditing.mp3590421 SHPAC-14 Types Of Auditing.mp3 53086KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:44 PM
590421 SHPAC-15  Modern Auditing Types.mp3590421 SHPAC-15 Modern Auditing Types.mp3 55318KB Jul 08 2017 03:43:45 PM
590422 SHPAC-16  Types Of Cases.mp3590422 SHPAC-16 Types Of Cases.mp3 53990KB Jul 08 2017 03:40:35 PM
590422 SHPAC-17  Assessment.mp3590422 SHPAC-17 Assessment.mp3 52007KB Jul 08 2017 03:46:19 PM
590423 SHPAC-18  Present Time.mp3590423 SHPAC-18 Present Time.mp3 52590KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:53 PM
590423 SHPAC-19  Use Of The E-Meter In Locating Engrams.mp3590423 SHPAC-19 Use Of The E-Meter In Locating Engrams.mp3 55898KB Jul 08 2017 03:44:50 PM
590428 SHPAC-20  Theory Of Processes.mp3590428 SHPAC-20 Theory Of Processes.mp3 51274KB Jul 08 2017 03:46:07 PM
590428 SHPAC-21  Processes.mp3590428 SHPAC-21 Processes.mp3 61649KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:25 PM
590429 SHPAC-22  Specialized Auditing.mp3590429 SHPAC-22 Specialized Auditing.mp3 51396KB Jul 08 2017 03:41:17 PM
590429 SHPAC-23  Processing Of Children.mp3590429 SHPAC-23 Processing Of Children.mp3 56334KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:49 PM
590430 SHPAC-24  Has Co-Audit.mp3590430 SHPAC-24 Has Co-Audit.mp3 53852KB Jul 08 2017 03:45:40 PM
590430 SHPAC-25  Electronic Phenomena Of The Mind.mp3590430 SHPAC-25 Electronic Phenomena Of The Mind.mp3 54989KB Jul 08 2017 03:44:14 PM
590501 SHPAC-26  End Of Course Lecture.mp3590501 SHPAC-26 End Of Course Lecture.mp3 28043KB Jul 08 2017 03:30:11 PM